Who Am I?

Some say I emerged full grown from the swirling ether of the cosmos, the daughter of a unicorn and Mel Brooks.

Some say my rough and tumble background as a member of the super-secret, super-elite Ballerina Ninja Squad warped me for life.  Actually, it was the Monty Python that did that.

But none of that is true!  Except for the Monty Python part.

I have a background as an actress, producer, and writer.  Red lipstick and vintage clothing are amongst my favorite things, as well as a shameful enjoyment of the teenage angst show Gossip Girl, despite their penchant for man bangs. 

My favorite non-shameful authors include Elizabeth Peters, Anne Perry, and Alexander McCall Smith.  In my spare time I enjoy out-punning my friends and inspiring my wonderful husband to call me "weird."  I own a cat.  A very fat, rather bitchy, cat.

My favorite movie is Xanadu.  No, really.

I, together with my writing partner Fellatia Langley, have completed our first novel, a romance parody called Love's Bountiful Bulge.  Recently I completed a sci-fi rom com novella, Ragnar and Juliet, which I would love to sell you.   Learn more at www.lucywoodhull.com.