Saturday, April 30, 2011

I Have New Bloggin' digs

Hey, all of you who actually read this drivel! I'm moving to a new home. So please update your blog roll, links, hate mail lists, etc.

Join me, won't you?

Thursday, April 28, 2011

When THE CALL Comes, Sometimes It's an Email. It's Still AWESOME.

Hello, blog friends. I have not, in fact, disappeared into the gray beyond. I just took a break for a while to figure out what I want to do, writing wise. To ask the big questions in life: Who am I? What am I? And why are Cadbury Creme Eggs only available at Easter? I already miss those things.

Funny that just as soon as I decide "no more romance for me, I'm going to write humor exclusively," a door opens, or a dumbwaiter, or something.

My friend Nico Rosso met up with his editor at Liquid Silver Books at the recent Romantic Times conference and told her that he had a friend with a space opera novella. (Friend = me, novella = Ragnar and Juliet.) The editor said to send it her way. I didn’t even ask Nico to do this! He is just a boss like that. So go buy his book Taken to the Limit because he’s awesome.

Saturday, mid-afternoon: Lucy takes a final spit 'n' polish to the MS, e-mails editor.

Saturday, very shortly after: Editor says she's itching to add the rom-com space opera novella to her e-reader. Lucy figures hey - at least the query letter is good!

Sunday, mid-afternoon: A new e-mail from editor lands in Lucy's in-box. Lucy says to self, "Well, self. That was the fastest rejection on a full ever. Where's the booze?" Except that it wasn't. It was a contract offer. With the words "please say yes."



What does a girl do when there's no BUT?

She says, "YES!" of course. Said girl is not stupid. (I still reached for the booze, but instead of sad whiskey, I drank celebratory champagne!)

In a few short months, you will actually be able to pay for the privilege of reading my insane rantings high quality prose.

In other booky news, I'm about to start querying my SUPER SEKRIT ZOMBIE BOOK, a humor/ gift book. AND I GET TO SAY I HAVE A PUBLISHING CONTRACT IN THE QUERY LETTER! How freaking great is that?!


So, I'm back. I feel refreshed from my social networking hiatus, but I'll be here more regularly now to share the process of being published for the first time, and random thoughts, and stupid pictures, etc. I'm sorry that the quality of this blog will not improve.